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Tips & Tricks For Choosing a Fountain

Posted by PRO Agg Pro on

Tips & Tricks For Choosing a Fountain

The relaxing sound and sight of a fountain is a pleasurable feature to enjoy at home. It may be easier to install and more affordable than you think. We can help you decide what may be the best options for your space.

The first tip is to know what you want most. Do you enjoy the sound of water? If so, then be sure that your water feature choice will give the rippling, trickling, serenade you're looking for, or the splashing, crashing sound effect to enliven the area. The force of your pump will be a factor in creating the sound effects of your choice. The fall of the water is another.  Water falling into water may be soothing to some, and sound like a hose running to others.

The second tip is to evaluate your space. Choose a feature that harmonizes your space. Tall, big and bold fountains command attention. Shorter, wider features blend with a setting, and create a calming effect both visually and as background melody. Is your space too noisy to hear a quiet feature? Or, is your environment too quiet for a loud feature?

Third tip, stay with the style of your landscape. Just because you like the look of a granite millstone fountain, doesn't mean it will look great in your classic ranch style home. Stone Fountains offer a variety of choice in color and size, and also classic, rustic, ranch or zen style applications. 

The trick to an easy installation is to know your space options before choosing your feature. Is electricity close by? Will you require a patio basin, or will you dig a hole for your reservoir. Will you want to add lighting for night viewing. For installation materials and more tips read our fountain installation page.

Will you want to attract local wildlife, or pets, to the feature? Or keep them away. 


The Trick of easy maintenance is to plan ahead.  If your feature is in full sun than be prepared to deal with algae. There are many options from bacteria doses, to UV lights. If you have hard water be prepared for the effects this will have on your feature. Dark colored fountains may show the white scale of hard water. Many products are available to help with this issue.


The last trick, and hardest to accomplish, is to slow down and take the time to relax and enjoy the peace, quiet and comforts of home. There's No Place Like Home. Make yours a haven.