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Supplies And Resources For Ponds, Lakes And Water Features

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Supplies And Resources For Ponds, Lakes And Water Features
Here at PRO Aggregate we supply the aggregate, decorative rocks and beautiful boulders you will need for your water feature project. But more than just materials you may need some expert advice as you begin and move through your project.
Many factors and decisions play in to a water feature. For example a pond may be small and created with a preformed shell, or larger in size and installed with a rubber liner. Other ponds may be earthen and natural, or used tamped down clay.  The materials you choose are extremely important and relevant to the type of pond you are trying to create.
A pond or water feature will become an ecosystem in your landscape and will require maintenance. Understanding the maintenance needs and options will help you make such decisions as adding a waterfall and choosing a pond liner, filters, pumps, skimmers, bottom drains and more.
A farm lake or recreational lake will require even more planning than a pond.
This is why PRO Aggregate has teamed up with Lake Solutions and Innovative Pond expert Dave McPherson to work with you as a key resource and supplier for the essential pond building products. When you are ready for the aggregate and decorative materials, we’ll be here to deliver.
For assistance to get started with your lake or pond project you can reach Dave directly at 916 235 6062 or email DaveMcPherson1954@gmail.com. Let him know you found him here on our PRO Aggregate website and we will work together to get the materials needed delivered to your project.
Whether you are building a small pond for pleasure, or as part of a larger waterscape feature, PRO Aggregate will do what we do best to support your material needs, and point you to the right resources and professionals to help you with designing and building your feature.
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