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We Provide a Variety of Delivery Options. Local Fee is based on Zones and beyond the local Zones our trucks run on an hourly fee.  PRO Aggregate 530 342 8028.  Trucks pictured below for Reference. We Rent our Dump Trailers Hourly

View our Delivery Zone Maps
Our Bobtail Trucks hold up to 7.5 ton, delivers barks, gravels, soils, and dumps in your driveway or designated area. This fee is by Zones, and outside our zones it runs on an hourly fee of $75/hr.  We recommend you use google maps to find the round trip  driving time from 3668 Hicks lane Chico, to your site address.  Dump trucks do not drive at the speed of an automobile so google time will be close estimate.
Our Trailers will haul up to 5 ton, or 10 yards of bark and can be added to the Bobtail or Crane Trucks for $20 Fee.  Trailor Rental is also an option to haul your own material.
On our Crane Truck we haul up to 7.5 ton of  boulders, pallets, or super sack materials to your residence or job site, and unload with our unique crane service.  Fee for Local Delivery is by Zone and $8.00 per additional sack or pallet after the first. 
Choose the SUPER SACK MY MATERIALS option if you would like materials bagged. 
View our Super Sack Options and Fees.
Our Super Dump hauls 10 Wheel loads of 8 to 11 ton, and Full Loads up to 23 ton.   The Super Dump loads are  usually a Quarry Direct Load with Discounted material pricing and an hourly trucking Fee or $100 Valley areas, and $105 Mountain Areas.

PRO Aggregate Bobtails Delivery Truck

Crane Truck and Bobtail pictured above, Super Dump pictured Below


Truck And Transfer used for Quarry Loads and below a photo of our fleet .