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Fountain Installation


Choose Your Fountain, Then What?


Here are the additional items needed to install your fountain.

Setting up your fountain requires a reservoir for the water to be stored, and a pump to cycle the water through the fountain and back down to the reservoir.  Additionally, plumbing is needed, and some decorative rock.

Choose Basin size based on your fountain choice.

The basin should be wider than the fountain. Wide enough to contain and collect the flow of water as it splashes down from the fountain. It should hold enough volume of water to effectively support the gph (gallons per hour) of the pump. It should be strong enough to support the weight of the fountain. 

ECORISE: Video and Information on EcoRise

 FOUNTAIN BASIN KIT: Fountain Installation and Information Videos

CHOOSING A PUMP: Installation and Information Videos          

Choose your pump based on the flow rate you desire and the head height of the fountain feature. If your fountain is 4' high you will need a 200 gph pump based on head height. Consider also if you want a high volume of water to push through the fountain. If so, consider going up one level of power on your pump. You can usually dial flow down, but not up. Your pump cannot exceed the max flow of your basin volume. Basin will note the max flow information. 

 DECORATIVE PEBBLES: Buy Decorative Pebbles

Choose the decorative pebbles to best compliment your fountain. Use these to cover the top of the basin after installation is complete. Be sure to rinse your pebbles prior to placement.

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