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Patios For A Small or Large Budget

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Patios For A Small or Large Budget

For many of us here in Chico California and surrounding communities, the choice to extend our living space into the outdoors is a DIY project.  
PRO Aggregate is our community source for most landscape materials, resources, inspiration and advice to help you with your project.

After you decide where to create or extend your patio area you will look at choosing your patio material.  Do you like the look of flagstone?  Prefer Natural Stone pavers or Concrete Pavers.  We also carry Porcelain Pavers.

Flagstone Patio

Natural Stone Pavers

Concrete Pavers- Panorama

Porcelain Pavers and Display Boards At PRO Aggregate

What you need to know, have and do to get started on your patio.

Plan a budget for your project. The paver material will range from $3.50 per sf to $10 per sf. If your budget is the most important factor than start with determining what you can spend and how big you can afford to make your new patio area. As an example, a small patio 10 x 15 area, is 150 sf. Starting with a $3.50 sf paver option, such as Venetian Platinum, your material will cost approximately $525.00.  Add another $300 for the road base, sand and edging materials for this size space. You can work on a 150 sf patio within a $1000 budget. As your area gets larger just double or triple those numbers to come up with a starting budget, and to increase the square foot cost of your choice of paver for your area. You can look at the many products on our website to learn pricing on materials.

Once you figure out the square foot area of your project. Think about the look you like and how you will be utilizing your space. Take walks around your neighborhood, look at images online, come to our yard to see the material displays or browse these catalogs and images here.  

Keystone Catalog California

Calstone Photo Gallery

Stone Universe Inspiration Gallery

When you feel you have your vision and budget in place you are ready to start shopping. Give us a call 530 342 8028 Ext 3, or email tom@proaggregate.com.

Here are further resources to help you with installation:

How to Prep and Build a Paver Patio with Curves and Border \\ DIY Video

Pavestone Company Pavestone Paver Installation

The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI)

Keystone Hardscape Resources for Patio Pavers, Permeable Pavers, Walls and Outdoor Living

Paver Edge Restraint Guide



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