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Keystone Harington Wall Production Information

More Details on Keystone Harington Wall 3-piece. 

Be sure to click on any of the links below for even more information at your finger tips.   Retaining SRW and Freestanding FSW Wall information. 

A Freestanding Wall - FSW is viewed from both sides and so the blocks are decorative from both sides.  Usually used for seat walls or to define space.

Keystone Harington Wall Design Charts

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Retaining walls, sometimes referred to as SRW, Segmental Retaining Wall,  are used to retain a slope or terraced landscape, or as planters.  The back side of this block is not typically visible and therefore is not decorative.  Retaining wall blocks are typically larger and heavier than FSW blocks.  The Harrington Wall does not use pins or mortar.  The retaining wall block is designed with a rear lip to lock the block into position.  See the product data sheet and product detail sheet for extended information.

Harrington Unit Detail and installation sheet.


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