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Employment and Career Opportunities

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PRO Aggregate is expanding to serve the growing Chico area and surrounding communities.  The expansion includes developing our staff, and hiring new individuals who want to learn and grow professionally.

We offer career opportunities for individuals who want to be part of a long term vision.  We are building a team to help grow and sustain our employee and community oriented business.

Where do you see yourself at PRO Aggregate?

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Connect industry professionals and homeowners with the resources and materials they need. As a sales team associate, you introduce the world of landscape products, building stone, and outdoor living features to builders and Do-It-Yourself homeowners.  Engage your brain to learn new things, engage customers with your knowledge.  Help build success — not only for our customers, but for yourself and coworkers as well.

Learn more about the positions for sales team members.


Looking for the job that combines your love of being outdoors, physical fitness, and brilliant people skills, with your enthusiasm for doing your best?  PRO Aggregate is a retail environment unlike others - uniquely focused on innovation, great customer experience, and career building opportunities. 

Learn more about the positions for Yard Crew.


Do others follow your lead, even without a managerial title?  Are your expectations of yourself and your own performance what commands the respect of others? Are you a leader that also likes to get your hands dirty? 

Learn more about coming in, or growing in, to a leadership career.


Do you like to work outside and around machinery?  Is safety a high priority for you?   Can you see a mountain of rubble and turn it into usable material, and love it! 



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